Enterprise Solution vs Software-as-a-Service

FinTechLabs provides digital lending platform as an Enterprise solution as well as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to companies across the globe. With increasing digitalisation, it is becoming increasing important for companies to choose the right technology partner.

FinTechLabs provides the flexibility to choose which model is a better fit for you based on your requirement. We also support migrating from one model to another.

Following are the key differences between our Enterprise Solution and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS):

  • Servers
    In the Enterprise Solution, a dedicated instance of the software is deployed on your company’s account on the cloud servers of your choice. Our team will setup the configuration, maintain it and take care of scaling up. You can get read-only access to the database if needed.
    In the SaaS solution, you will use a multi-tenant shared application running on our account on AWS (Amazon Web Servers) Since it will be a shared database you won’t get access to the database, however you can download all the data in form of reports from the admin dashboard.


  • Updates
    In the Enterprise Solution, only the code optimisations and bug fixes are included in the monthly maintenance fees. For any new feature development or API integration, you have to pay an additional custom development fees at an predefined hourly rate.
    In the SaaS solution, along with code optimisations and the bug fixes you also get all the new features and API integrations we develop which we feel are important for the best industry practises.  However if you have a specific feature request, you still have to pay the custom development fees at an predefined hourly rate.


  • Customisability & 3rd Party Integrations
    In the Enterprise Solution, the custom developments are made in the  branch of the source code deployed on your dedicated instance. Hence it easier and faster to make the custom developments. Same is true for 3rd party API integrations.
    In the SaaS solution, the custom developments are implemented by building micro- apps on top of our APIs. Hence the custom development may also be done by your team or we can do it. Similarly for 3rd party API integrations, a middleware has to be build connecting 3rd party APIs with our APIs.


  • Pricing Model
    For the Enterprise Solution, there is a one time setup fees and a fixed monthly fees
    For the SaaS solution, we charge an annual fees and the monthly fees is depends on the number of loan applications you receive.
    (Please contact us for more specific details on the pricing)

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