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What makes InteGREAT great is that it is a unique, first-in-the-world low code platform concentrated at multiparty use cases, specifically for the financial and insurance sector. We built this lending management solution to cater to the needs of clients looking to build any use case that involves different parties in a single workflow.

Be it a customer onboarding journey for insurance, credit card, banking products, or P2P loans solution, or even a completely integrated digitized invoice discounting workflow - this platform caters to the needs of all kinds of customers to build solutions as simple as automating your employee onboarding journey or as complex as marketplace lending.

The best feature of this loan lifecycle management platform is that IT and business teams can quickly build and deploy solutions on InteGREAT in the shortest possible time. Most use cases can be built completely through the console provided in the platform. You can tune, configure, and build customized solutions in a jiffy and instantly go live.

There are heaps of pre-built integrations as well as ready-to-use plug-ins available for use cases involving payments and mandate registrations, risk scoring, underwriting and even enabling financial insights. There is also support for contract management, e-signature and video interactions. The solution comes out of the box with multiple reporting formats.

The loan automation software built on this platform can be enabled either on web or mobile for any user, individual retail customers, brokers, channel partners, relationship managers, feet-on-street, agencies, etc. The configurable workflow management capabilities give you the flexibility to plug-in your existing processes as well, without major implications.

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The Build Process Is Simple

Choose application to build
Choose application to build
Choose user type
Choose user type
Choose data types
Choose data types
Define workflow & decision points
Define workflow & decision points
Go Live
Go Live


  • Easy to create customized customer onboarding forms and applications
  • Configurable workflows for multiparty products
  • Application tracking and monitoring
  • Credit risk assessment and modelling
  • Identity and document verification
  • Financial insights for underwriting and decisioning
  • Self-service front-end portal for end-customers on web and mobile
  • Process enforcement and audit trails
  • Ready to use reporting and MIS
  • Fully configurable loan management system to suit your business needs
  • Built with security & data privacy at the forefront
Highly Customizable Workflow To Build Your Own App WIth No IT Involvement
Quick Go-Live


Full Multilingual Support for End Application
Complete STP Processing With Intelligent Decisioning
Pre-Built Support For Payment, Receivables, Risk Scoring, e-Signature, etc*

InteGREAT has provided Digital lending software for our NBFC. We are extremely satisfied with our communications with the team

Ashok Mittal
CEO, Prestloan
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InteGREAT built my P2P lending platform within timelines as promised.

CEO, Uploan

Invoice Financing Platform

The Perfios Invoice Financing Platform marks a new era in invoice financing for a claims digitization system connecting sellers, buyers and investors on one platform.

Direct B2C and Channel Based Lending

The Perfios InteGREAT direct lending platform is an end-to-end digital loan origination management software.

P2P lending Platform

Perfios InteGREAT loan management system gives P2P lending a digital transformation. A digital experience for borrowers and investors, integrated with our other solutions gives in-depth borrower financial analysis for the lender.

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safe and secure

Perfios is Information Security Management Certified (ISO 27001) Perfios is Security Certified for Applications (Plynt) Security Seals Certified Seal Privacy Seals Business Seals

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